WFW – Philippians 4:19

  • Sumo

Last Sunday, during our morning worship service, my daughter fell asleep on my arms while I was carrying her. And while she was on my arms, I noticed that all she’s wearing were given to her, from the dress to her shoes. And this verse came into my mind that moment.

God is true to His every Word. No promise is left unfulfilled. He knows our every need even before we ask. And He is so faithful to provide them and sometimes, He grants us even our wants.

I am thankful that I came to know Christ and I am complete in Him.

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16 thoughts on “WFW – Philippians 4:19

  1. We shall never want for anything because He supplies all we need. I love this reminder.


  2. Oh how precious! Did you do that yourself? How creative and talented. And what a great illustration of God's promises.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a great verse I am believing it with all my heart…Thanks for this. Mine is also up to share.

  4. I love the thought you put into this WFW and it is so true. He provides. He has been showing me that a lot lately.

  5. that is so true, sis. regardless of our situation, it's good to know that we have a faithful GOD eventhough most of the time we are unfaithful to Him. Amen sis!

    btw, if you have time, I have a Spread a linky love tag for you.

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