WFW – Isaiah 40:8

  • Sumo

I find this flower very beautiful and rare. The first time I saw this flower, I was really amazed of its beauty. According to the owner of the plant, it takes time before the plant yield a flower but its life would only last for a day. The flower fades as soon as the sun sets in the afternoon. What a short life!

But God’s Word will never fade! It will remain fresh and true forever!
Glory to the God for His unchanging promises.

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9 thoughts on “WFW – Isaiah 40:8

  1. This would be the basis of a beautiful card to send to a family/friends of someone whose life has been cut short. It is not the length of the life that so counts with our God, but the quality and beauty and ownership of that life.

  2. Its so great to be reminded every now and then how amazing our God is and because He is faithful in His words- nothing could ever move us.

    P.S. Its nice to be back and i miss interacting with fellow mommy bloggers. God bless momi!!

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