Thankful Thursday #2 – A New Project

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When the economic problem in US started, many companies all of the world either downsized or worst, closed. I am thankful unto God because the company were I belong, though very small, didn’t experienced any of the two. But though the company didn’t closed nor terminate any employee, it has been very obvious that we were still affected by the crisis. We cut-cost reasonably, we froze hiring and the arrival of new projects became minimal. For more than a year, I am tied up with a single client who served as middle client to the end client. I sensed that the end client started cutting their cost early this year. They started to reduce the staffs working for them. So the middle client started giving us research projects to occupy our time. I’ll be honest, I felt some fear of losing my job. But I didn’t let this fear overpower me. I entrust everything unto my God. He very well know that I am only the one earning for our family and if He will allow me to lose my job, I am confident that He is still in control. I always claim His promise that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I’ve also been praying for new projects and that God would bless our company and our middle client because they are the channel of God’s blessings to me and to my family.

Just last Friday, our contact from the middle client talked about a new project. I told him that it is an answered prayer. He agreed with me and told us that they were also scared for a while. Isn’t awesome? God’s answers to our prayers help our faith to become more stronger. It gives us encouragement to ask for bigger things because He reminds us that He is a listening God, an ever true and living God.

God is truly good. Good all the time. I thank Him for His faithfulness in answering my prayers. How about you? What is your answered prayer that you want to thank God for? Visit Lynn of Spiritually Unequal Marriage and be blessed by the thankful hearts of other participants.


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