Thanksgiving Contest Entries

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I’ve just finished collating all the entries earned by those who participated on the Thanksgiving Contest I’ve hosted. Please accept my deepest thanks for making the contest a success. Without you guys, the contest is in vain. I hope the purpose of the contest was also served as you composed your posts.  There are 27 participants with a total of 127 entries. What amazed me so much me is that there are fathers who joined the contest too.

For those who joined the  contest, I’ve been truly blessed by all your posts.  Is it not a wonderful attitude that despite all the tragedies, calamities and troubles we experienced in 2009, we can still look up to our God and say thank you for being so great in our lives?  And I am privilege to meet these people who have a thankful heart towards their Creator. As we embraced 2010, may we always be reminded that God is always in control, that He sees beyond what we can see.  He only waits us to fully trust in Him.

Without further adieu,  here is the list of the participants and their corresponding entries.  If you haven’t read their blessings yet, please do visit their posts and be blessed.

Bambie – 8
Chill – 7
Chimica – 6
Chris – 7
Clarissa – 7
crazydenzki – 5
Enchie – 6
Fedhz – 7
GenGen – 7
K – 9
Leilani and here – 12
liezl – 8
Mary – 6
MelandriaRomero – 7
MelCole – 8
Michelle – 7
Nhil – 7
Random Blog Contest – 7
Rose – 8
Sam and here – 11
Sarah – 8
Sherry – 7
Vernz – can’t find your entry dear 🙁
Willa – 6
xleon – 8
Yami – 8

Please let me know if I oversee any entry before January 6. Otherwise, the list is official and final.

For those who were not able to join, you missed half of your life! Just kidding. I hope to see you on my next contest 😀 (if ever I’ll host another one )

For the sponsor, thank you for supporting this contest and I hope that you will not get tired of giving your support to me. I also appeal that you already prepare your prizes to avoid delays when the winners are announced.

Again, my sincerest thanks to all who supported this contest. See you on the Grand Day!


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Contest Entries

  1. It’s Ok my, I really overlooked this thing… anyway.. good luck to the winners .. have a good time .. dropping as always .. see you around!

  2. wow congrats to your contest and to all of us who joined mwahhh!
    I forgot to give you my subscribed email ads. anyway, Glad I joined. Have a blessed day!

  3. My, hi dear!

    thanks for taking time to come and see me!

    I wasnt able to make an article … but

    – I was able to list you in my links
    – Was able to subscribe to your blog
    – Was able to follow you
    – Was able to made a reciprocal link at bloghitlist
    – Was able to post the contest badge in my sidebar…

    Thanks My, if you have clarifications pls. tell me lang … Happy New Year!

    1. Yay! I’m really sorry dear but the post is the only required task 🙁 All the rest will not be counted unless the first task is completed.

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