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Little Sosyalera

  • Sumo

Just like last year,  we decided to spend our New Year’s Eve on my parents’ place.  I started wrapping up my work when the clock ticked 12. Yes, I was still working on that day because of some deadlines which can’t be moved. I started packing up for a night stay in my parents house. We can’t stay longer because I promised my client that I would try my best to be online after the New Year holiday.  After packing up,  I hurriedly looked for a comfortable clothes for my daughter when she handed me her preferred blouse. Just to save energy,  I wore her the blouse and partnered it with a short and let her went outside while I changed my clothes. When I was finally done, my daughter’s fingers were all colored and the brat was even proud to show off her fingers to me.  Before we finally locked the door, my daughter asked for her handbag. I was surprised with her look! She looked like a little frustrated  sosyalera!

The pictures were taken without her knowledge. Her shyness to face any kind of camera is getting worst!

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