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Few more sleeps and 2009 is over. But before we consider 2009 a history, there are so many things that I am sure we are thankful of. For me, I am thankful that God allowed me to enter the world of blogosphere where I learned many things from other moms experiences,  insights, thoughts and advices. I am thankful for the friends I gained in this corner of the world.

In line with this, I am planning to conduct a thanksgiving contest which will start October 1 and will end on December 31. I am in the process of getting some sponsors and constructing the rules for the contest. If you’d be willing to be one of the sponsors of the contest or if you’d be willing to help me in anyway, please don’t hesitate to  email me @ I wil greatly appreciate any help you can give to me as this will be  my first time to host a contest.  Your support to  me in this endeavor will mean so much to me.


12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Contest

  1. this is exciting… as much as i want to be a sponsor, mukhang newbie pa ako and not really techie-webbie….. kung $ pwede siguro, teehee.

    pero definitely join ako- im eyeing na agad the blog makeover- hihi

    can’t wait momi!!

  2. hi! thanks for the comment at my site (i’m feeling a bit better, btw). sure i’ll sponsor. one customized header and a post signature for the winner. (can’t commit to a full makeover kasi wordpress at blogger pa lang ang alam ko gawan ng template e. hehe. e bka manalo livejournal patay na. haha.

    lemme know 🙂

  3. @Jean,
    Thank you for you invitation, I sent my answer via email.

    Thank you so much! I’ve already noted the prize you are willing to share.

    @Yami, Chubskulit & Pinay Mama
    Thank you so much!

    Thank you so much for your generosity 🙂 I sent you an email regarding this 🙂

  4. Sure Mommy, you can count me in.

    Maybe some free blog hosting plus info domain, ad spaces and EC credits…would that be OK?? Just buzz me up and I will be happy to give the links to my blogs. I hope I can sponsor one winner, let say first, second or third prize winner? Para isang bigayan lang. Hehehehe…

    Pasensya na kasi by that time baka hirap na ako mag online with the new baby. 😀

  5. hello mommy, sure I will give away free advert for a month in all of my blogs for the first prize winner, please include my links of websites if which blogs you want the advert on.

    Thanks for letting me know! goodluck sa pa-contest!

  6. Count me in sis. I can offer ad space for a month @ mom writes for a cause and @ yam’s files. Congrats to your new project. 🙂

  7. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on the Door to Eternal Life through Jesus Christ post. I love the one you shared and your insight about trusting God with your daughter. Those are the really tough ones, aren’t they. Our children are our “Achilles heel” and we protect them at all cost. It is sometimes hard to fully trust the Lord with them.

    I wanted to invite you to join in our online Bible study for MOMS. On Sept. we are staring a 10 week online study on the book of Ephesians called High Stepping in Heavenly Places. We have a workbook which can be purchased at, a week video to view online for free, Podcast at no charge, and a “small group” online discussion each week. I hope you will prayerfully considering joining us and inviting all your MOMMY friend to come as well. Blessings.

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