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Mommy Moments – Hat Day

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Today is Friday and its Mommy Moments time once again! This week’s theme is “Hat Day

Because my daugher was born with very thin hair (or should I say no hair at all? LOL!) and very sensitive with just even a drop of rain (as I mentioned here), a hat is already considered part of her outfit.  For her, everyday is a hat day.

Here are some of my daughter’s pictures in hat!

baby sciezka in hat

sciezka & daddy

ska in wearing her toy

ska in birthday hat

ska in boy's cap

sciezka in hat

More “Hat Day” moments? Click the Mommy Moments button above.

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24 thoughts on “Mommy Moments – Hat Day

  1. hello hello mommy! how are u? love the photos! cutee! 🙂 thanks for the visits and the award ha! cencia na ngyon lang nakavisit uli..busy with my family who came over for a short vacation 🙂

    nyways, ingat lagi! have a blessed weekend! 🙂

  2. naku momi, pareho tau- bokals din si thea ko, palagi ngang napagkakamalang boy eh… hihihi kaya tuwing lalabas lagi kong sinusuutan ng girly hat…
    lurve your bebe’s picture with a plastic hat- cutie smile, hihihi
    Happy MM.

  3. I love your daughter’s chubby cheeks, hehehe.. She’s so cute..and you to need to brag about your adorable princess..Thanks for coming to my site..

  4. super cutie din pala sya nung baby nya, kakagigil. Well some babies born with thin hair pero may chance din kumapal, like nung sa akin.. ewan ko kung dahil sa aloe vera, pinapahiran kasi ako ni mommy nun..

    Nwei, such a cutie too with hats..

  5. This is so adorable. What a doll baby.

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  6. Awww!!What a cutie baby!! What’s her name?I love her smile!!^_^

    Greetings from Japan!!I’m Clarissa!Nice meeting you here at Mommy Moments and thanks for dropping by!!^_^

    Happy weekends!!

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