Top 10 Signs of Pregnancy

  • Sumo

I got this Top 10 Signs from Baby Center and I used this to confirm my suspicion of my pregnancy. And as noted, not all of the signs happened to me.

1. Food cravings.
I didn’t notice this one since I’m always in craving for particular tastes like salty and sour. I even associate my cravings to my irregular sleep hours.

2. Darkening of your areolas.
I didn’t also take notice of it since I am always in hurry when I take a bath and dress up.

3. Implantation bleeding or cramping.
I didn’t notice an implantation bleeding but the cramping is very noticeable. I don’t usually have pains before and during menstruation. But lately, I feel some discomfort on my lower abdomen. I could not even stand up from my seat in hurry because there would be a sharp pain.

4. Frequent urination.
This one is very noticeable. Even if I don’t drink too much, I notice that I always have the need to urinate.

5. Fatigue.
This is very obvious. I always feel sleepy even if I just woke up. And if I sleep, I don’t want to get up from bed. Hubby always caught me taking a nap.

6. Tender, swollen breasts.
This is very recognizable. I usually have tender and swollen breast few days before my period. But now, I could no longer remember when my breasts started to get tender and swollen that it hurts even when bump slightly.

7. Altered sense of taste.
I didn’t take notice of this because nothing change of my appetite. I still eat a lot and I still eat almost everything 😀

8. Morning sickness.
I never had this experience even on my first child. I also hope that  it will be the same with my current pregnancy.

9. A missed period.
This is not unusual for me since I gave birth to my eldest. My period becomes irregular since then. There was even times that my period is delayed for two months yet when I had the pregnancy test, it was negative. My period is also usually delayed when I am stressed on my work. So I was thinking that I was just delayed again.

10. A positive home pregnancy test.
This one really confirms my suspicion. When I took the pregnancy test, the line for the test window immediately appears.

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