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Want A Warm Relaxing Dip?

  • Sumo

Desiring to have a dip in a not so cold pool? If you are in Manila, then Pansol Laguna resorts will probably satisfy your craving. Some of the resorts there get their water from hot springs but some uses electric pool heaters. But both will give you a relaxing feeling especially if you prefer a night swimming.

If you are somewhere near the Mount Apo in Mindanao, then the Agco resort is the best place to go for a warm dip. There is a part there where the water is really hot that you will feel your sweat coming out from your body while you are dipping in the water. The steam and the cold water which is combined together to produce a warm water both come from the volcano. Aside from the warm dip, there are also sauna areas where the steam also comes from the volcano. And for those who prefer the cold water, there is a bigger pool which is filled with ice-cold water.

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