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WFW – Matthew 5:16

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Last March 27, we turned off our lights for an hour to support the Earth Hour 2010. We also joined the last year’s Earth Hour but was not able to take a photo of the candle we used. So during the Earth Hour this year, I convinced hubby to take a souvenir. Since the photo was so good, I decided to use it for my WFW entry today.

Nowadays, it is difficult to differentiate a  Christian from non-Christians in a crowd. Because Christians now wear the same clothes that non-Christians wear, speak the the same words, sing the same songs, go to the same places and do the same stuffs that non-Christian do. In others words, Christians now live a life that is not separated and not for the glory of God.  I often hear pastor sharing a  joke about the soul going to heaven with a look and attitude that is bound to hell. Another common statement is “It is easy to be a Christian but it is hard to live a real Christian life”. This is really sad but really happening because many Christians cover or hid their lights. I have to admit that often times, I fell on the same mistake.

Is it really hard to life a live that is well pleasing to God? The answer is yes, if we still live in the flesh and we live for our own selves. No, if we have crucified our weaknesses to the cross where Christ was crucified. This is what apostle Paul said that he die daily. We too must die daily, die to ourselves so Christ who is in our hearts will live.

This verse reminded me that every good work I perform will cause may cause other people to glorify my God. And having a good testimony may be an instrument for a soul to be saved. It is not yet too late to let our light shine. This is the perfect time to uncover our lights and let other see it. The best time to stand for our faith, not only by words but through works. James reminded us the Faith without works is dead. Will you remain dead or be alive for Jesus Christ?

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6 thoughts on “WFW – Matthew 5:16

  1. I love the picture and the reminder. I have been reading Beverley Lewis’s books on Amish life and there is a real challenge is the simplicity a lessening of the burdens of stuff…..
    How full my life is compared to when I was a teen and my choice of entertainment was radio book or playing outside. Then in my late 20’s I had a unit and it had one bedroom and a sitting room/dining room with a kitchen off that and the bathroom had toilet, basin, square bath, shower and washing machine. I am amazed that I still had a sewing machine and patterns and fabric…I still made my own clothes….I had records and a cassette player by that stage but it all fitted…..now I have a house…..far far far too full. Quilting. hand and machine embroidery, bear making, sewing, photography etc etc etc…..piano…I have shed the organ and books by the ton and craft magazines ditto.
    Do we really need all this stuff and what does it say about our light. I am clear that I joined quilting to move out of a Christian enclave and meet non Christians and that has been right, but did I need a stash of fabric that now worries me……..???
    Interesting questions when faced by a simple candle shining in the dark.

  2. A good insight. This is the best time for us to renew our faith and be truly inspired of what God has to offer- an abundant life with him in heaven. Let us live a good life and be a true christian by turning away from sin and being a good example to others.

  3. This is true, we have to live life according to God’s will and be a true follower of God by having faith and expressing our Christianity thru good works.

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