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Yes! God answered two of my prayers. First is my page rank. You may find it silly but yes, I do pray that may page rank will improve. And God answered it! My officemate was the one who broke the good news to me last Monday. She informed me that Google performed page rank indexing last April 4 and my site is now PR2. I am happy about it. At least my efforts and time posting relevant and not-so relevant 😀 posts are not wasted :-p.

Guess what is my second answered prayer. Yippeee! PU2B finally accepted my blog! I received an email from Ms. Margie informing me that my site was accepted. I was only able to read it last Monday because I didn’t open my computer since last Wednesday. I immediately responded to her email with my details which indicated that I agree on their terms and conditions. Who wouldn’t be happy and thankful for that? After so many attempts to get my site accepted, they finally open their door to me! Probably,  I’ve already filled their mailbox with my registrations  because I submit application every week hehehe… That is how I am determined to be accepted. After registering several times with no response from them (NR means that my site didn’t make it), I decided to give it to God.  I got tired doing it on my way so I started praying for it.

Just like I mentioned earlier, you may find it silly or weird that I prayed for these petty things. But my God is not only concerned with the “big things” in my life. He is concerned in every detail of it. And I am not ashamed to pray for the “little things” in my life in which I don’t have any control. He did not fail me once again. He proved to me that nothing is impossible to Him.

Thank you Lord for these answered prayers and blessings.

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11 thoughts on “Answered Prayers

  1. Thanks! blogging is very addicting… I buzz here again once I decided to take that step in my blogging journey.

  2. ok sis, thanks! thats what im doing also…I just keep on visiting! my blog was just 3mos. old, i just have to be patient. lol

    btw, can i request to be added in your blogroll? thanks again =D

    1. Try mo po register sa PayU2Blog. Based sa observation ko mas madali pong maapprove ung mga bago pero kailangan mo me sariling domain ung site nyo 🙂

      Sure! Add po kita 😉

      1. @admin, ok. Maraming tenkyu! sorry, kulit ko. saang web hosting ka? im planning to get my own domain, can u give me feedback pls?

        1. Sureness!

          Web hosting and domain are two different things. Hosting is the virtual storage of your site while domain is the address of your site. If you want to keep your blogger site but want to have a domain, you can buy it from blogger itself. But if you want to have a self-owned hosting, I can offer you a very cheap web hosting with free installation of Word Press.

          I hope it helps 😉

  3. Hi sis. I think nag-comment ako dito. congrats pa nga kita. bakit di na-approve? something wrong? 🙁

  4. Yup! Congrats… btw, can you give me some insights and tips on your money making online biz? ive started before in affiliate marketing and it didn’t worked well, argh! my 1month fee was gone to waste.

    How does your blog reached its PR2? share naman sis…Thanks!

    1. Thanks Einz! I am really sorry but my idea on online biz is only limited to blogging.

      About the PR, I didn’t followed so many guidelines. I just tried to post as regularly as I can and visit other blogs and leave some comment. I also registered to Entrecard as advertising tool and I drop as often as I can. I am not really good at SEO 😀

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