What to Pack for Birth

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Preparing things to bring to the hospital before giving birth is essential. Most mommies or new mom-to-be are ready though in packing the things that are needed. For me, here are what I think are important to bring:

For babies:

  • Baby clothes – depending on the hospital, some provide the clothes for babies in nursery, but for room-ins, the clothes the parents’ brought are worn to the newborn.
  • Diapers – same as baby clothes, if room-in, the parents are the one to provide for this.
  • Receiving blankets – used for swaddling the newborn
  • Baby wipes – for baby poop and pee
  • bottles – for bottle-feeding though it is advisable to breastfeed babies

For mommies:

  • Underwear – bring as many as you can.
  • Maternity pads or adult diapers – these are what I suggest instead of using sanitary napkins.
  • Maternity bras – needed for breastfeeding.
  • Clothes – those who gave birth via normal delivery can wear their own clothes but for those who gave birth via caesarian section, you can only wear your own clothes when you are about to go home (based from my experience).

I hope the list helps!

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