Second Pregnancy

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Did I ever mention here that I am on my way to my second child? If I didn’t, now I’m announcing it ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know the exact gestation age yet as I haven’t undergone an ultrasound yet (I wonder why I was not asked to have one during my first visit to the OB). But based on my last period, I’m on my fifth month.

I just graduated from my morning (and evening) sickness. My pregnancy now is not as easy as with my first. With my first pregnancy, I didn’t feel much difference on my body. But now, I feel frequent back pains and leg cramps. I also feel sleepy most of the time but I don’t crave for any specific food.

Because the early stage is not as smooth as my first pregnancy, I didn’t gain weight {yet}. I have no appetite most of the time during the first few months {the best appetite suppressant for me so far}. But know, I think I have gained few pounds as I can eat already normally.

I am supposed to see an OB in Manila last Tuesday. Unfortunately, the storm Pedring didn’t allow me. The wind and rain were so strong that I was not able to get out from my parents place in Bulacan.

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