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Boarding On An Airplane

  • Sumo

My daughter is getting accustomed to traveling by plane. She now awaits for the selling time of snacks during the flight. She no longer struggles to be out from the seat belt until the sign for seat belt is off. Most of all, she no longer complaint about her ear when the plane is taking off.

She entertains herself by looking on the pages of the in-flight magazine and the beautiful clouds formation. She also asks questions from time to time specially if she saw any unfamiliar thing. One time she asked me what was on the hand of one of the passengers who was listening from her 8gb ipod nano. Then she asked me why a woman was covered from head to toe, why a group of blind men/women were singing on the airport and why were the people giving them money. She has so many questions and sometimes I also have a hard time explaining things to her.

I am glad that boarding on a plane is not new to her. And though we encounter not-so-familiar things to from time to time, I am glad that she never fears boarding a plane.

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