A Busy November

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The local church of Bible Baptist Church here in Poblacion Panglao Bohol will commemorate its 7th Founding Church Anniversary on the 25th of this month. I have been busy for the last couple of weeks for the preparation of the said event and this week will be the busiest I assume. There are some more things needs to be done and we are ready for the event.

The anniversary celebration this year will be an Evangelistic meeting. This means that we will be inviting non-believers as our guests to hear the Gospel. I made invitations to be handed out by the church members to their friends and relatives. I’m praying that our neighbors will also grant our invitation. We are praying for 100 first time visitors. Dear Husband invited a special guest speaker for the said event.

Last week I created the tarp for the stage. The design was not original since the background image was not mine. I just downloaded the image from the background of a site and edited it to include the information for the anniversary.

Yesterday, we went to the downtown to buy my girls new dresses for the event. It is usually for the church anniversary event that I shop for new clothes.

The uniforms of the kids and young people who usually render the song offering every Sunday were completed last week.

This week we are scheduled to do the marketing for the meals on Sunday and to do buy the other needs. So I might be offline from time to time to attend to this errand.

If you are within Panglao and you wish to come, please do so. We will be glad to have as our guest 🙂


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