Wish For A Bathtub

  • Sumo

One of my daughter’s wishes is to have a bathroom with bathtub. She saw this kind of bathroom in our Senior Pastor’s house. She shared this wish to me while I was bathing her. She probably misses dipping in a bathtub since the bathtub she used when she was still little is too small for her now. Her little sister is now the one using it.

Daughter and I actually share the same wish. I am also dreaming of a bathroom with bathtub. A dip in a bathtub after a whole day of stressful work would be very relaxing. But our bathroom is too small for a bathtub that even a bathtub clawfoot style will not fit. Aside from that, the cost of the simplest bathtub is so expensive and we simply couldn’t  afford it currently.

I’ll just probably treat her in a hotel or resort which has bathtubs in their rooms to let her experience submerging in a real bath tub. Or probably in a spa if she will be allowed so it will be a little special bonding between the two of us ^__^

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