A Good Samaritan On A Good Friday

  • Sumo

Last Good Friday, Hubby and I went to the airport to give the e-ticket to the pastor who requested us to purchase it for him. On our way home, we noticed that McDonald was open. We  dropped by to buy our daughter a meal. Since it was already past 1 pm, I also ordered a sandwich meal for me and my husband.

While my husband and I were eating the sandwich I ordered, I noticed that the eyes of the diners were on the same direction. Curiously, I followed what they are loooking at. And this is what I saw.

A foreigner giving out McDonald food to beggars. Two things rushed into my mind,  first, I want to shake the hands of that man to show my appreciation on his action.  But I restrained myself because if I did, I might snatch his reward in heaven. Later on, I discover that my husband felt the same.  Second, how many people are like him? Isn’t great to see people sharing what they have to those who have no ability to give anything in return?

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