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A Multimedia Projector Gift

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My friend’s brother gave our small church a not-so-new but in-good-shape multimedia projector last December. He brought it from Riyadh down here in Panglao, Bohol. The gift is very timing since the church’s overhead projector is about to retire.

The multimedia projector is a BenQ 2200 lumens and we are using it during our worship services for our congregational singing. We are also planning to use it for the church’s film-showing ministry in the near future.

The church does not have its own computer yet. I am using my personal laptop during our services. We are planning to buy a small laptop or netbook for the church use. Since the machine will only be used mostly for slide and movie presentations, it does not need to have a very high specification. I’m checking the best netbooks available so I have at least an idea how much we need to save or raise for the machine.

I am hoping and praying that the church will have its own machine soon so in case my laptop breaks down, we can still using the projector and the church files are still safe.

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