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I don’t know who among you are familiar with Rodics. If you are from UP,  you definitely know Rodics.  But to those who has no idea, Rodics is a canteen in UP Shopping Center which offers a bit unique Tapsilog because the tapa is already CHEWED! Hahaha… That was  how it was introduced to me 😀  . Kidding aside,  Rodics’ Tapa is already in small pieces that made it easy to chew.

Don’t be misled, I am not a graduate of UP.  Rodic’s was introduced to me by a previous officemate.  Since then, we passed by Rodic’s almost everyday just to buy tapsilog for breakfast. This routine only stopped when my officemate’s scheduled was changed to mid-shift and I stayed on my regular shift. Until I finally say goodbye to that company, I was not able to visit Rodic’s again. Not until Tuesday! Yes!  I was in UP last Tuesday afternoon and I grabbed this  opportunity  to  have another taste of  the famous Rodic’s Tapsilog! The taste didn’t changed. Still Yummy as ever!  Although the  price of P65 is 20 pesos higher than before, Rodics still offers the best Tapsilog for me 🙂

If you have time and got curious about their tapa, you check visit UP Shopping Center or check the image below which I robbed from Google Images.


5 thoughts on “A Visit To Rodics

  1. @Darly

    Lufet mo pala Darly hehehe.. Master’s Degree holder ka 🙂 Never been in beach house hehehe… d naman ako taal na taga UP hehehe.

    I already voted for little Thea and also for Bella, Mommy Rubz new bundle of joy 🙂

    Wow! Dun pala kayo nagdedate ha 😀 D ko pa natikman ung palabok nila. Sa susunod nga matikman 😀 D pa ako nakapunta dun sa Thai Canteen. Hindi ko po kabisado ang UP 😀 sa mga library lng ako napapadpad nung highschool ako dahil dun kmi nag reresearch 😀

  2. oh i miss Rodics! Diyan kami date ni hubby, ang lapit sa kalayaan. I also enjoy their palabok. May Rodics din sa Philcoa noon. Pero ang favorite ko sa UP yung Thai Canteen ni Mommy. have you been there? It’s papuntang Old Balara. Near the Islam building ba? Asian Studies? Nalito na ko, plus yung international na dorm

  3. hmm never been to Rodics when i attended my Master’s there at UP, ang tambayan namin nun is the beach house (and their famous b-b-q yum yum) saka yung fishbolan sa gilid ng Educ building, kakamiss.

    By the way, stage mother beauty ng lolah mo, im starting to campaign for my bebe:

    Pls vote for my daughter ALTHEA INGRID S. BARON (#5 candidate) for the November Pinoy Smile of the Month. Click here to cast your vote. Thanks

  4. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by!

    I also love Tapsi!! I think I had a taste of their tapsilog when a former colleague of mine who frequents them would go for take-outs, and yeah the food is good! I think the price change is also to continue competitiveness, I haven’t really been to the place, but I guess they’ve got a lot of changes now.

    Have a happy weekend!

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