Ain’t An Animal Lover

  • Sumo

Honestly, I am not fond of pets. I find them cute when I see them on a pet store or with other people but I had never desire to keep one for myself. In other words I am not an animal lover. But I don’t hate them either and I don’t harm them.

My husband and my daughter are the ones who love to keep a pet. Currently, we have two dogs. They were given to us. Both are called Askals. They have no breed. Since we don’t have dog houses for them and the church compound is not fenced, they are free to roam around the compound and the neighborhood. But unfortunately, we have a neighbor who hates one of the dogs. Often times, they pour hot water on the poor dog. We will only realize it when the dog goes home with burned skin. Since Husband does not want to tie the dogs, I guess a wireless fencing for dogs is a good alternative to prevent the dogs from going out the church compound.

As I said I am not an animal lover but I don’t think it is fair that a man hurt an animal without unless it becomes a threat to his own life. My daughter is asking for rabbits but I am not yet convinced that she should have them now. I think we should prepare for their home first.

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2 thoughts on “Ain’t An Animal Lover

  1. Throwing hot water on the dog is cruel and disrespectful to the owner too. If the neighbor has a problem with your dog, s/he should let you know. Keep them in your yard na lang siguro to avoid it from happening, pero dapat ireklamo din si neighbor kasi kawalanghiyaan na yun. Eh kung sa kanya kaya gawin yun?

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