An Unusual Monday

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When I woke up this morning, (I woke up a little bit late) I heard the voices of the kids in the neighborhood. They were already playing. Hmmm, very unusual because today is Monday and supposedly, they already off to school by that time.

I started preparing for office because Monday and Thursday are the usual days I report to office. After saying goodbye to my hubby and getting so many kisses from my little darling, I headed to the bus stop where I usually wait for the bus going to MRT Station, North Edsa. By that I time, the buses are usually fully loaded with passengers and the passengers can even exchange faces because their nearness to each other. But today, I was still able to get a seat and no one is standing on the aisle of the the bus. There were even some few vacant seats.

I rode off the bus at MRT North Avenue Station to transfer to an FX going to Ortigas. When I got to the FX terminal the usual long line of commuters was no where to found. Instead of commuters, few FXs were lined up waiting for passengers. Big deal for me because I don’t need to line up and get all the smell of the food being sold in the terminal before I get my turn to ride on the FX.

And finally, the most unusual thing this morning was that EDSA was not congested with vehicles and my travel from North Avenue to Ortigas was very fast, so fast that I was not able to get a nap during my trip,LOL!

Very unusual but a blessed Monday! I seldom experience this kind of Monday. Thanks to SONA and heavy rain yesterday because some classes were suspended today. This was the reason why my Monday was not a panic and rushing Monday.


4 thoughts on “An Unusual Monday

  1. haha.. ako nga din ang aga gumising, tapos wala naman pala pasok mga kids.. nag away pa kame nung panganay ko LOL

    naku Mommy, sinimot na ni Satia ng mga advance advance haha
    Make or Break

  2. Ang sarap nga ng day na ito, walang pasok sa school, but tomorrow is another busy day for me. 🙂

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