An Update With My Epson L200 All-In-One Printer Paper Feed Problem

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A day after I posted my warning about Epson L200 All-In-One Printer, a certain Dee-Jay Sablan posted a comment requesting my contact details.  I emailed her my email address 4 days ago and my contact number this morning. I got a call from, Sir Samuel, an Epson’s Customer Support Manager to talk about the details of my problem. He promised me that he can do something to expedite the fix of my printer. He also extended the warranty of the printer for another six months. And just this minute he informed me that my printer has been fixed and the service center will call the supplier to pick up the unit to return to me.

I think it is only fair to disclose the cause of the paper feed problem – a cotton bud (blush)! The cotton bud probably penetrated the very inner part because I checked the printer thoroughly for possible obstruction before I asked Hubby to return it to the supplier but I didn’t see anything inside. I also used flashlight to lighten the inner part and see any obstructive material but didn’t see any.  Lesson learned, no small object should be placed over the printer, it might slip inside without us noticing it.  This lesson has a cost on me because I was forced to buy a new printer just to accomplish my printing tasks. And since it was found out that clearpores herbal supplement the cause of the paper feed problem is carelessness on my part, I apologize for my last statement on that post which is strongly discouraging anyone from buying the L200 printer. Anyway, the model is already phased out according to Mr. Samuel so if you want to try their CISS product line, you may opt to choose another model. Right now, no other printer has this feature except for Epson.

I am sincerely grateful to Ma’am Dee-Jay and Sir Samuel for taking action on this issue. I appreciate so much the action taken by Sir Samuel to expedite the fix and the effort to update me with the status of the fix. Sir Samuel assured me that they take immediate action when issue like this is brought to their attention. And if he only knew my concern the first time my printer was broken, the repair time would not take that long.  Again, many thanks to Ma’am Dee-Jay and Sir Samuel.

I am excited to see my printer again so I hope transporting back the printer will not take long. And I hope that it will not have any problem again in the near future.

If you have any concern with your Epson L200 All-In-One Printer, you may contact the following for support.

email address: customercare(at)epc(dot)epson(dot)com(dot)ph
Toll Fee Numbers
PLDT: 1800 -1069 – 377 – 66
Digitel: 1800 – 3003 – 77 – 88
Manila #: 441 – 90 – 30

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  1. Hi Mylene,
    Good to know that Epson finally addressed your problem. How nice of them. And what’s nicer? They give you updates! 🙂

    Btw, I came across your blog from the BC, but I don’t think I can finish commenting on all the blogs on the list. 🙁 So I decided to just visit na lang muna some blogs. I also added your blog to my links. If it’s okay with you, please add my blog to your Christian bloggers list. I will appreciate it so much! Thanks!

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