Another Long Day

  • Sumo

This day is another long day for me. I guess it will always be like this, whether I’m just an ordinary church member or an associate pastor’s wife, Saturday will always be a long day for me. Physically I’m tired because I’m always in multi-tasking mode. But I’m happy and thankful that God open an opportunity for me to work in His vineyard for so little time that I have and with the little abilities He bestowed upon me. Who shouldn’t be happy teaching the Word of God to children and guiding them to praise the true and living God? For me this is one great chance to lead the children to Christ.

I am also thankful that God gave me a husband whom He also put into the ministry. I am thankful that my husband is a God-fearing man and has no vice, thus, there is no chance that he will fall into addiction. So I don’t have to think about non 12 step rehab programs to deal his addiction. Probably, the only vice that he has is too much eating like me. If there is rehabilitation program for too much eating, probably that is what we both need.

2 thoughts on “Another Long Day

  1. Hi Mommy! It’s been a long time since I last dropped by here… ako, I miss teaching in Sunday School… tagal na akong di nakakapagturo sa mga bata. Pareho tayo, my hubby’s bisyo is eating… az in! ang lakas kumain kaya nga mataba e… hehehe…

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