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Answered Prayer for A New Sound System

  • Sumo

The church will have a new amplifier and speakers this coming Sunday. This is an answered prayer! Finally the karaoke being used by the church as the sound system has a replacement.

Last Sunday, someone dropped an envelope in our offering basket with “for Sound System” writings outside. The envelope contained the amount enough for a new decent sound system but not for the aphex channel at musicians friend. Anyway, we never dreamed to have such expensive amplifier. As long as the microphone and organ will sound properly at the same time, that is more than enough for us. We were very thankful that God used someone to provide for the need of the church.

Our next thing to pray for is a replacement for the old organ. Some of the keys of the organ are already defective do not sound anymore. I trust that God will use someone to provide for this need in His perfect time.

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5 thoughts on “Answered Prayer for A New Sound System

  1. God is indeed good all the time. He uses certain people and touches their hearts to help especially if the need arises in His house ๐Ÿ™‚

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