Aspiring Nurse? Think Again.

  • Sumo

I heard over the news that graduating high schools students were discouraged to take up Nursing. I also learned that CHED will be more strict in giving permits or accreditation to schools who wants to offer this course. CHED will even revoked the permit of colleges offering this course which has no board passer for previous succeeding two years. This is because the number of jobless graduates in nurses uniforms are increasing. The job order of nurses from other countries drop, leaving full pledge registered Nurses aspiring to work abroad unemployed.

So if you are planning to take up this course, I suggest that you think it over again and again and again. I have some Nursing graduate friends who already shifted to another career because of scarcity of the opportunity to pursue their chosen course. So before you jump into this course, why don’t you try to check other courses which you might be  equally interested.

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