Attended A Mission’s Conference

  • Sumo

From Tuesday to Thursday night, we were in a Mission’s Conference hosted by Bible Baptist Church, Bolod Panglao Bohol, under the leadership of Pastor Rodelito Blanco. It is just a neighbor church so there is no reason for us not to grab the opportunity to attend the said activity. The main speaker was Pastor Diego Caballero. He preached for three nights and he preached with power despite of his disability.

The church in Bolod is still small and I was blessed and encouraged because they could already host a Mission’s Conference. The church has so many needs yet they managed to spend their money to host a conference that would encourage both pastors and members of other churches. The members of the church who took part to make this event happened will surely be blessed by the Lord. So their own church needs will be supplied in His own perfect time.

Now, my prayer is to be a blessing to this church. If I could just find an EBS Amplifiers for sale locally, and I have the budget, I would buy it for them. Their amplifier badly needs to be replaced.

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