Back to School Project

Back – To – School Project

  • Sumo

Wondering if I launched this project this year? If you are a loyal supporter of this project, you may be wondering why I haven’t contacted you yet for the pledge. I’m not so active to raise fund this year. I asked only two friends if they can donate some funds for the project and another close friend contacted that she would be sending some funds for the kids. The funds I collected is only enough to support one grade 11 student. The funds will be used to buy her uniforms and school supplies. If there will be any extra funds or if more funds will be coming in, I’ll assess who among the students will need help most.

Many of the students (and even their parents) who received school supplies from previous years back-to-school project asked me if I’ll be giving out school supplies this year. I told them that I didn’t raise the funds for the school supplies this year. I realized many children and  parents are expecting the school supplies.

So why did I not raise the fund like the last 5 years? Hmm… I didn’t get tired but I think I lost the guts of pleading (begging) from other people to benefit people they don’t actually know. Or can I say that the Lord did not put the desire in my heart to do it this year. I feel sorry for those kids who need the school supplies. I know their parents could not provide all their school needs especially those kids with several siblings who also go to school. Nevertheless, the Lord can surely provide for them. If not through the back-to-school project, then by other means.

If you feel that you want to give for the children, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Even your used but still in good condition school bags will be a great blessings to the kids.


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