Best Buy Myth

  • Sumo

Most women (and some men too) are always in hunt of best buy products. Some would wait for the sale period (just like my hubby) to buy their eyed item in discounted price. Some would exert extra effort to visit places like Divisoria (DV) and Baclaran and Bazaares to get best buy items – ignoring the gallons of sweat they would perspire and the smell of sweat from other people just to get cheaper items. I do this at times specially if I know I can get from these shopping markets the same item in the mall but super less price. Aside from that, buyers can still haggle for discounts in these shopping places :D.

But I don’t buy items just because they are cheap. I still check the quality. I would rather buy the more expensive item if the quality is way better than the cheaper one because in the long run, I wouldn’t be able to save on the cheaper item because it wouldn’t last long. So I need to buy a replacement in a short period of time. That means spending twice. And it also time consuming. But this is the usual mistake of many people. They are enticed of the cheap price, disregarding the other factors that they should consider in buying any commodity.


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