Bible Research 2009: Christian’s Guide to Finding God’s Will

  • Sumo

One of the major and most awaited summer activities in our church is the Bible Research. This year’s Bible Research started last Tuesday, May 19, 2009 @ 5:30 PM and it end on tomorrow, May 22. This year’s theme is Christian’s Guide to Finding God’s Will. Since it started, I have received many spiritual blessings. I am a bit regretful that I didn’t learned these lessons before. But God is the god of second chance. He is very gracious to give us another chance if we commit mistake. But we must not abuse it because as a loving Father, He will definitely correct us and correction is most of the time painful.

Please allow me to share some of the lessons I’ve learned and my sincere desire is that you will also be blessed.

God’s will is God’s wisdom ordering the events of a human life by God’s omnipotence for God’s dual purpose: 1. Personal sanctification of the individual 2. Fulfilling His appointed ministry and service in the life of the people of God.

What is God’s wisdom?

“What does the Bible mean when it calls God wise? In Scripture, wisdom is a moral as well as an intellectual quality, more than mere intelligence or knowledge, just as it is more than mere cleverness or cunning….Wisdom is the power to see, and the inclination to choose, the best and highest goal, together with the surest means of attaining it.
Wisdom is, in fact, the practical side of moral goodness. As such, it is found in its fullness only in God. He alone is naturally and entirely and invariably wise.” (Packer, Knowing God)

God’s omnipotence
“…God the Father Almighty… It points to the basic Bible fact that God is the Lord, the King, the omnipotent one who reigns over his world.
Does omnipotence mean that God can do literally anything? No, that is not the meaning, There are many things God cannot do. He cannot do what is self-contradictory, or non-sensical. Nor canhe act out of character. God has a perfect moral character and it is not in him to deny it. He cannot be capricious, unloving, random, unjust, or inconsistent. Just as he cannot pardon sin without atonement, because that would not be right… The positive way to say this is that though there are things which a holy, rational God is incapable of intending, ALL THAT HE INTENDS TO DO, HE ACTUALLY DOES.” (Packer, Growing in Christ)

So in this world, nothing is an accident and God does not do anything without a purpose and He reveals His will to us.

The Challenge is “Can I trust God that His will is the Best Plan for My Life?” Can you?

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