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Summer Mini – Escapade @ Bakasyunan

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Last Saturday, May 16, 2009, My husband, my daughter, and I joined our company’s summer outing held in Bakasyunan Resort and Conference, Iba Zambales. It is a 4 – hour long drive from Manila.

The resort has two swimming pools, one for kids and one for adults. The adult pool has a mini-slide. The resort also have beachfront facilities. Some of the cottages are facing the beach and are only few steps aways from the water of the beach. The water of the beach is clean; no floating dried sea-weeds, no sharp stones, and no unidentified floating objects. The sea is suitable for swimming because the waves are not big.

My daughter and my husband had a great time. My husband really loves water and this is the reason why I agreed to join the outing despite the long drive. I want him to enjoy. My daughter started to enjoy the water too. Last year, she was afraid of the sea. She was crying when she was placed in the water with her inflatable. But now, it was totally different. She was crying when we tried to get her out of the water because the heat of the sun is really terrible (although she has a sunblock, I do not want to risk her skin). She even attempted to jump to the pool by herself.

When the heat of the sun subsided in the afternoon, we tried to bring her to the sea. My husband pull her out from her inflatable and tried to teach her to swim. I can say she can easily learn how to swim because she can already move her legs correctly. Once in a while, my husband would allow her face touch the sea water. But she would just ignore it. After a few gasp, she would persuade her father to play again with her. My husband and my daughter really enjoyed the water while I enjoyed watching them.

We only had a day trip since it was a Saturday and we don’t want to miss church the next day. We caught the last trip of Victory Liner at 7 o’clock pm. A bit tiring but I thank God for the joy that my daughter and my husband had.

My husband is trying to teach my daughter how to swim ๐Ÿ˜€

My daughter is already playing with the other kids playing in the pool.

My daughter

Father & daughter bonding

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