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Maguindanao Massacre

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My heart bled when I heard the news about the heinous massacre happened yesterday in Maguindanao 🙁 As of this writing, 40 dead bodies were already retrieved according to the news. An it is very unacceptable that the reason behind this killings is merely politics. According to the news, authorities believed that this crime is well-planned because of the equipment used to dig the land where the bodies were buried. Many innocent journalists and members of media industry were also killed in this crime together with the politician who will supposedly file her and her brother’s COC. Four of the policemen in Maguindanao were immediately suspended because police authorities suspected that they were involved in this crime.

This is a very early election-related crime. The involvement of some authorities are very disappointing and alarming for citizens like me because the people who supposedly protect our rights and life were the ones involved. Sad because politics in our country is not getting better instead, its getting worst! More disappointing because there are people who do not value life, the life which is not owned by anyone but God. I firmly believed that whatever the reason maybe, no man should get back life, even their own lives, much more other man’s life. Only God can get back our lives because He is the giver of it.

The number of election-related crimes will undoubtedly increase as the election day gets nearer. And this reflects that more and more politicians are resorting to “dirty tricks” just to gain power, wealth and fame. I can’t help, but be reminded of how Satan tempted Jesus Christ when Jesus was in the wilderness. Isn’t these were the three things that Satan offer to Jesus but Jesus victoriously refused? And until now, Satan’s offer didn’t changed! These are still the things he is offering to man to take man away from God. Many are being deceived. The Bible’s advise is to be sober, be vigilant because our adversary, the devil, like a roaring lion, seeking about whom he may devour. Let us not fall into the devil’s wiles.


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