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Marriage & Election

Did it ever occur to your mind that marriage and election are similar in some way? It did to me and funny because I realized it when I was on a bus going home. Probably because,  along the way are the never ending political propagandas on the road. So below are my humble observations between marriage and election. I hope…

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Political Campaign

As we get near to the May 10 election,  politicians are exerting more efforts to imprint their names on the minds of many Filipinos to ensure that during  the election day,  they will not be forgotten.  Those politicians who have money to spend use repetitive tv add campaigns with jingles that even the little ones in the house could memorize. …

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Maguindanao Massacre

My heart bled when I heard the news about the heinous massacre happened yesterday in Maguindanao 🙁 As of this writing, 40 dead bodies were already retrieved according to the news. An it is very unacceptable that the reason behind this killings is merely politics. According to the news, authorities believed that this crime is well-planned because of the equipment…

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Clarification From Malacañang

Malacañang retracted their first statement that July 27 is a non-working holiday in celebration of INC day. You can check the link shared by Mommy Chris for more details. July 27 is a working holiday according to Malacañang. Was it an honest mistake? Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against INC members personally. What I am really after at…

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