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As we get near to the May 10 election,  politicians are exerting more efforts to imprint their names on the minds of many Filipinos to ensure that during  the election day,  they will not be forgotten.  Those politicians who have money to spend use repetitive tv add campaigns with jingles that even the little ones in the house could memorize.  While others who can’t afford the tv ad fees settled for less expensive promotional products like ballpens, ball caps, shirts, and the most common one are the traditional fans made of board. But what I like best is the baller bracelet in the color associated with the politician. It will be colorful if I’ll be able to  get one from each political candidate,  LOL!

I don’t find anything wrong with these  promotional products but I am hoping that Filipinos will not vote  political candidates just because they received something from them. I am raising my expectation that Filipinos are wiser now  than the previous elections.


2 thoughts on “Political Campaign

  1. I haven’t received any political paraphernalia from any politicians. Pamphlets yes, but not the bands or caps. But I am planning to buy bands and tshirts to support my president. Sino pa? Eddie Ako! :p

  2. It’s unfortunate that the political candidates with the most money are able to saturate the airwaves with commercials, while their opponents–who often have better ideas–aren’t able to get their message out. Political campaign season is like a storm–it will pass and the annoying commercials will no longer be on television and the radio!

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