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wedding-ringsDid it ever occur to your mind that marriage and election are similar in some way? It did to me and funny because I realized it when I was on a bus going home. Probably because,  along the way are the never ending political propagandas on the road. So below are my humble observations between marriage and election. I hope you enjoy reading them 🙂

To win a woman’s love, a man needs to court her. Courting includes, gifts, flowery words, visitations, treats, promises, and other things that will make a woman fall in love with the man.

To win a voter’s vote, a candidate under go rigid courting er campaign – campaign give-a-ways, banners, promises of impossible things, proposals, entertainment and the worst persuasion is bribery.

When the woman finally choose her lifetime partner and agree to tie the knot, that decision becomes permanent. Each party will utter their vow to each other.  Ideally, only death will end the vow of marriage. But in reality, many marriages are put asunder by many excuses reasons.

When the voter finally votes for her/his candidate, during election day, that vote is permanent. If the bet of the voter wins,  the winner will  recite her/his oath. He/she becomes a public official. Ideally, an official will exploit serve the country in a pre-defined period. But in some cases, there are officials who are removed from their post earlier.

After tying the knot, the woman and the man will live as husband and wife. Since they live together, they will discover their differences and the flaws of each party. The woman will also know if the promises of the man during the courtship stage will materialize. Reality will definitely come out. Whether the reality is better or worst, it can no longer be hidden. Unfortunately, in marriage, there is no turning back. Either it is life long bliss or a life long suffering because marriage has no expiration, especially in Philippines countries where divorce is not an option.

Once the official assumed his/her post, reality starts. The voters will see if the promises of the official will materialize, if the politician is true to his/her word or simply deceived the voters just to be in the position and to gain power. Whether the reality is better or worst, it can no longer be hidden. It will surely come out. And it is hard to remove a wo/man in power. So it is either a progressive or corrupt and suffering years with the official. Good thing, the official will only stay in the position for so-years. If he/she kept his promise, he/she might win again on the next election (except for the president which has no option to run again as president). If he/she only deceived the people, there is still a chance to win again, by another deception and cheating. But whether that official lose or win on the next election, that official has already affected the lives of the Filipinos, either for good or for worst.

So what am I saying? The process of selecting our partner in life applies with selecting our next public officials. While we still have an option to choose, let us open our two eyes to see the faults and goodness of the candidates. Let us check if the goodness outweighs the faults. Let us not settle for less evil instead let us go for the best wo/man for the position. Once we have decided our partner in life and public officials are proclaimed, let us close our one eye so we could no longer see the little faults in them. As a woman, we are under the authority of our husband. As a citizen of the Philippines, we ought to obey our government leader because God put them in their positions to rule over us.

We still have few more days to scrutinize our favored candidates. Let us not be blinded by the short-term benefits they offer nor by their popularity, nor by their affiliations. Instead let us ask God to bestow us wisdom to choose the candidates that God wants us to vote. Let us commit unto God our choice and let God guides our hands as we cast our votes on Monday. God Bless Philippines.

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8 thoughts on “Marriage & Election

  1. Oops. I’m sorry, you’re not Mommy Rubz. It’s mylene, right? Really sorry. I jumped to reading the post and forgot to look on the blog’s name.

  2. Good post, Mommy Rubz. We should always be careful in choosing our partners be it in marriage or in politics or business. Everyday decision we make affects our life today and tomorrow.

  3. I feel I’m married again, hehehe! kaya lang pag election na wala akong masabi… Sana Filipinos will vote wisely, our country suffered a lot because of ….

  4. wow, I love the ring but the election here I can’t imagine! May the Lord bless Pilipinas!

  5. OMG, ang galing mo! Now ko lang na-realize that marriage and politics are pretty much alike. Haha. This is so true po. At dahil sa natuwa ako sa post mo na ito, can we exchange links? Hehe. Happy Mother’s Day!

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