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My Internet Connection Is Back

  • Sumo

Thanks to Smart Bro team, who made it possible to return my internet connection earlier than the scheduled site visit. I appreciate the kindness and efforts of the Smart Bro technical support group to entertain my request to expedite the fix for my antenna. Thank you, Thank you so much!!! Now, that I my internet connection is back, I can start catching up with my pending tasks.


4 thoughts on “My Internet Connection Is Back

    1. @Chris, Smartbro Internet Service Provider – a “Mumbo Jumbo Crap.” I’ve been complaining bout my on-and-off connection for about a month now, yet all they can offer is the trouble shooting assistance at *1888. The problem with my connection is recurring up to this time being and “F**K,” Smartbro can’t send a technical support group to actually diagnose the problem. Smartbro is excellent only in their billings. Crap!

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