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No Internet Connection

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My internet connection went out last night, just before six o’clock. The tie of the antenna to the pipe gave up but though the antenna didn’t fell on the ground, it was misaligned. Hubby tried to return the antenna to its original position but unsuccessful to get the internet connection back. I called up SMARTBro’s Hotline and was able to get a schedule for tech support visit. But guess when? According to the CSR, the earliest available date is still on the 14th, that is eight days from now. Whew! I have to wait that long just to get my internet connection back. Efficient huh?! This is a red light for me because my work revolves around the computer and internet connection. I have to report to our office everyday to get my tasks done. Tedious and expensive, right? And of course, it is too uncomfortable to travel everyday because of the heat of the sun. Imagine, even inside an FX, I am sweating all over because the air-condition of the vehicle is enough to overpower the heat outside. And on my way home, I’ll be inhaling the polluted air for almost an hour. Terrible! I might die in just a week of having no internet connection. It is exaggerated, I know but thinking of going to the office everyday is really dreadful for me. Aside from that, I’ll have so little time to update my blog and to visit other blogs. I have to call the Hotline again tomorrow to check if there is any chance to get my schedule earlier.


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  1. oo nga Mommy, it’s so hard pag walang connection lalo na pag your work revolves around the internet…

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