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Clarification From Malacañang

  • Sumo

Malacañang retracted their first statement that July 27 is a non-working holiday in celebration of INC day. You can check the link shared by Mommy Chris for more details. July 27 is a working holiday according to Malacañang. Was it an honest mistake?

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against INC members personally. What I am really after at is the reason behind. We have so many holidays actually and I will be a hypocrite if I will tell you that I do not enjoy them. Of course, holiday is another whole day for me to bond with my daughter and be with my husband mentally and physically. Aside from that, I will still be paid though I don’t need to work. For others who are required to report to work during holidays, they will have additional pay. But how about those who are belongs to the no-work-no-pay group? Will they be also happy on this kind of adhoc holidays? I don’t think so.

Holiday (non-working) is good and I surely love it for personal reasons but I don’t think it is acceptable to use it as bribe for more votes. Let us be wise like a serpent but harmless as a dove. Let us not be deceived by delectable gourmet that will poison our bodies and mind.

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