July 27 Declared as Non-Working Holiday

  • Sumo
Just this morning, my former office mate pinged me in YM the link of the article in stating that July 27 was declared as “INC Day” a non-working holiday. I am wondering why? Is it only because our president is fond of holidays or is there any deeper reason for this? She cannot claim that this is because majority of the Filipinos are members of INC because definitely, it’s not. She’s not even an INC. Is there another political agenda for this considering that this group claims that all their members unanimously vote for the candidates chosen by their leaders? If the government gave INC a national holiday, all other sect should also be given the same privilege. Don’t you think so? There should also be a Catholic Day, JIL Day, Baptist Day, Pentecostal Day and other religious group Day!

Our constitution is clear about the separation of state and church but in the last elections , I observed that many politicians were using religious groups just to win a post. Just like my daughter’s expression for dirt, “EWE”. Politicians are getting desparate and more desparate for power, wealth and popularity that they don’t mind to use whomever they can use just to win. I just hope that religious groups will not be deceived by their flowery words.

Let us pray for an upright, god-fearing and courageous men and women who will serve our country.


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