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Bite Incident In School

  • Sumo

Instead of her score on their first written quiz, my daughter brought home a bite mark on her cheek last Friday. Her classmate bit her left cheek few minutes before they were dismissed. According to my husband, the teachers didn’t see the actual event because my daughter didn’t made any reaction when she was bit. They didn’t know how she was bit and how she got released from her classmate’s teeth. They only knew the incident when my daughter approached the main teacher to tell her what happened. That was the only time my daughter started crying. According to the main teacher, the possible reason why the other student bit my daughter was because of a toy they both want to play with.

My daughter’s voice was already harsh when she got home, probably for crying too long. My husband was disappointed. He told me that he instructed the teachers not to allow my daughter to sit beside that particular student anymore because they were both active kids. I pitied my daughter because that biting event was already her second experience. But I was relieved because when I asked her if she still wanted to continue her schooling, her answer was still positive.

Well, this kind of event is often times inevitable. However we tried to protect our children, there are pains that they must experience for their own learning. For this, I repeatedly reminded my daughter that she should not grab any toy that is being played by others if she does not want another bite from her classmate.

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3 thoughts on “Bite Incident In School

  1. Hi Mylene, thanks for visiting my blog. So sorry for the late reply to your comment. I really think I am more mature than you are in terms of age so let’s just keep it a secret that I’m already ty-three. I pray your daughter would always be safe in school and wherever she may be.

  2. Uy kawawa naman si Ska. sabagay sis kasama sa paglaki nila ang masaktan pero sana wag na maulit.

    nga pala sis bakit kaya di ko ma-access yung pero yung ok naman.

    1. UU nga sana hindi na maulit.

      Paanong hindi mo po maaccess? pag naglogin? Hindi po kaya mali lang ung password?

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