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The first reason why I was convinced by my officemate to start a blog was the additional income I might earn from blogging. At first, I only monetize my blog through Google Adsense and As I visit other sites, I discovered that there were other ways to monetize my blog like paid to click (PTC) and paid post. I started registering to different PTCs and paid post companies. The earnings in PTC was very slow and not that substantial – I actually didn’t earn a cent from the clicks I’ve made ^___^ so after several weeks, I decided to stop doing clicks. I also registered to some companies which have a referral program to become an affiliate but I didn’t also earn from that. So I focused doing paid post articles.

I heard so much about PAYU2BLOG. It is the most-loved paid post company of many mommy bloggers. So enticed with their testimonies, I submitted my first blog to them. But I didn’t get their approval on my first submission. Determined as I am to get through to PAYU2BLOG, I didn’t stop trying. I already lost count how many times I’ve tried until finally, I received an email from them that my blog passed their review and would be added to their system after they received my reply to their email as my agreement to their rules and regulations. How happy I was when I received their email. Until now, I am still happy with the opportunities I received from them. The least income I received from them in a payday is $15 and the maximum is $90. Not bad for a part-time blogger like me, right?

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