First Ever Airplane Trip As A Family

  • Sumo

Our flight last Monday was our first ever airplane trip as a family. It was also my daughter’s first time to board on a plane. She was so excited. She has been asking us to board on the plane several times while waiting for the boarding announcement. We seated her by the window so she can see outside.  Unfortunately, she was not in the mood for pictures.

When the plane started to take off, I gave her something to chew so she could not feel the pressure on her ears. When the took off, she was afrightened but only for a while. When she saw the lights (it was still dark when we left Manila) below, she was fascinated. She became bored when she could no longer see anything outside except darkness. She eve eventually fell asleep.  She’s probably too tired that she slept too long. She didn’t wake up when the plane landed and when we get into the bus.  She was sleeping throughout our 3-hour trip to Kidapawan. She was in my arms for around five hours. My arms were tired but on the other side, I was also happy because she didn’t throw up. She only woke up when we were about to get off the bus.

Thanks be to God for a smooth and safe trip 🙂

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