What You Should Know Before Leaving For A Vacation

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Now that long weekends are consecutives, many families are planning to grab these opportunities to have short trips, either to bond or unwind. Well, not bad. I think workers like me also deserve to see new environment to re-charge. But we also have to ensure that when we leave our homes, they are properly secured. I’m not an expert on this matter since I seldom leave home ^___^. Nonetheless I want to share some reminders 🙂

  • The doors and windows should be closed and locked securely. Make sure that the padlock being used is reliable and cannot be easily tampered. Don’t give your belongings to burglars and thieves easily.
  • Don’t just turn off the appliances, unplug them. Some plugs heat over long period of being plugged. You don’t want go home on ashes, do you?
  • Ensure that all faucets are properly closed.
  • It would also be better if your valuable possessions like jewelleries are locked inside your closets or drawers.
  • Clean before you leave. The travel going back will cause you to need rest. Seeing the house in chaos would ruin your just-finished vacation.
  • If you have a budget, install security cameras and alarms. The cameras will give you a full view of what happened while you are not around. The alarms will call your nearest neighbour’s attention in case there is an attempt of unauthorized penetration in your house. These gadgets will make your house more secure.

How about you? What precautions do you do to ensure that you leave your house securely?

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