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Balicasag Island is one of the interests of the tourist here in Bohol especially those who loves snorkeling. I’ve been there only once and I have no more plans to go there again. Don’t get me wrong. Bacalisag itself is a good place for snorkeling. You can really see various fishes in different colors and sizes. Actually, I recommend this place to those who wants to visit Bohol to include it in their itinerary if their not afraid boating.

So what made me decide not to go back again? Well, it is the travel going there that made me decide not to go back there anymore. It is approximately an hour of boating from Alona Beach. My experience was dreadful especially the boating from Balicasag to Alona Beach. The waves were huge which could swallow the boat where I,  my husband, my daughter, & my guests were riding. I felt more alarmed when the boatman, who was in his jersey instead of boat clothing, asked us to wear our life jackets which I doubted if could float us. I instructed my husband to take care of our daughter because I could no longer move as I was holding tight on the edge of the boat. And if something bad  happens I could rescue her because I don’t know how to swim. My eyes were kept closed during the entire travel and ceased not to pray that if God would take me home that day, just gave me a not so painful death.

But God has a still plan for me. My mission here on earth is not yet done as He allowed us to reach the shore of Alona Beach safe.

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