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I wonder if there is already a digital camera which supports downloading of photos to the computer via Bluetooth. I always have this silent wish to make the downloading of photos faster and easier. With the use of cable, before I can download my photos, I need to look for the cable, connect it to my camera and pc and wait until my machine finally detects the connected camera. Because of several process before I can finally download the photos, often times, it take me several days before I can find time to download the photos. Unlike if the camera has Bluetooth just like Bluetooth barcode scanner, I just need to on my camera and connect it to my pc via Bluetooth, presto! My photos can be downloaded in no time at all. No hassle, no fuzz.

What do you think? Am I giving digital camera makers a hint? Well, if this kind of camera already exists, then my next concern is the price. I hope it is not that too expensive so many ordinary people like can avail it.

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