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One of the things I look forward to in staying here in Panglao is the children’s ministry. I am glad and thankful that God opened an opportunity for me to minister again to children. I am assigned to be the teacher on the second session of the Children’s Sunday School. I am also tasked to teach the kids songs which is the most challenging task since I am always out of tune ^_^. But this will not hinder me to train these little ones to worship the Lord through singing. There are so many means and one way I think of is the use of electronic music players like MP3 players. I will just copy my collection of Christian song for kids to an mp3 player then attach a speaker and let the kids hear the songs repeatedly. Another is to seek for a member who can sing properly and let her/him hear the songs. Then I’ll just pull him/her for few minutes to help me teach the kids the songs. Well, there are really so many ways and I will stretch all of them if needed 😀

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