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Graduation day is an important milestone in any one’s life. It marks the successful completion of one’s journey to the previous stage and readiness to face the coming new stage. That is why it is also called Commencement Exercise.

I believe college graduation is the most important graduation for most of us. Why? Because it signifies that we are no ready to join the work force and start earning our own money. We are excited to know how we will be able to use the learnings we gain during our school life.

College graduation is so important that we also want it to be memorable. Some colleges organize activities which will make the graduation more memorable. Some agree to have their graduation rings. Some even design class rings to make their rings unique.

When I was in college I was not able to avail our college ring due to our financial situation. But then I wished I could also have one. When I have the budget to buy one, my desire has gone. I realized that whether or not I have the ring, the fact remains that I completed my course and now in the field where I practice it. For me this is more than enough to thank God for 🙂

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