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It was only last month that I bought my wireless keyboard and mouse and now, a warning keeps on popping up on the bottom right of my monitor telling me that the batteries are critical and need to be replaced. I don’t know what is the standard life time of a wireless mouse’s batteries but mine probably get depleted earlier because of overuse. I use the mouse almost everyday for at least eight hours a day. The batteries only last for a month and four days to be exact. I am wondering why the keyboard’s batteries are still okay though their usage time is the same.

If this will be always the case, I might just buy a rechargeable battery and charger. I think this is more practical and less expensive than buying two batteries every month. What do you think? Is it a wise decision?


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  1. I agree… A good decision on battery usage. Btw, mommy ive added u to my blog list, ready for exchange? thanks!

  2. Very wise. I am also using a wireless mouse and keyboard and this is my second since I sent my old wireless keyboard/mouse to my family in the Philippines. Rechargeable batteries take longer before exhaustion.

    Ask how long it takes to charge the battery you are buying, I prefer to buy the rechargeable battery with it’s own recharging unit (Energizer). DO NOT OVERCHARGE, it lessens the battery life of the battery.

    BTW, my battery takes 2 months over before it reaches exhaustion. Hope this helps.

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