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My daughter, Sciezka, will be turning three this Saturday, May 29. And to my amazement she has some requests on her birthday! She wants to have a birthday cake, candles, balloons & party hats! Whoa!!! Where did she learned those stuffs! She’s only three and she seems requesting for a party and she’s telling the kids in our church about her birthday. Honestly, I have no plan of celebrating her birthday. I only promised myself that I’ll do my best to give her a cake on her birthdays. I was a bit surprise that she has a plan of her own. So I need to take a day off from work on Friday to get the stuff she needs on her birthday. Though, I am not pretty much comfortable with events and parties, I have to indulge, because kids will be going to our super small place on her birthday,ร‚ย  of course with their mommies or daddies or both!


6 thoughts on “Daughter’s Request

  1. yeah my sis keeps telling me their education getting harder too, its like 7 year old studying 10 year old education. ๐Ÿ™ I can imagine the cost of tuition fees

  2. so young she wants a party, hehe.. maybe just family members will do to have the celebration. I think kids are lucky today as they got many choices. gals have more choice than boys in clothing.

  3. Wow, mag-three years old na pala si Ska. Happy birthday in advance. Ganyang age marunong na talaga silang mag-plan. Smart mga bata ngayon eh. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dito naman samin pinaghanda ko rin sila pero nung 1st at 7th bdays lang nila. yung in-between at mga sumunod pa bili na lng ng pagsasaluhan mas tipid pa. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Padalan mo ko lulutuin mo ha. joke. hihi

    1. Yan lang din ang plano ko mommy! Magluluto lang ako para sa amin tas bibilhan ko lang sya ng cake para me souvenir sya paglaki nya. Ang kaso mo ang daming requests at nagimbita pa ha… Gusto ko nga sana play lang ulit siya sa circle eh hehehe para tipid.

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