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Bible Research 2010 – A More Sure Word Of Prophecy

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Last night, this year’s Bible Research started. The theme for this year is “A More Sure Word Of Prophecy”.  We started with singing and memory verse. Atty. Adelaimar “Bimbi” Arias – Jose gave the introduction about Biblical Prophecy. She tackled the etymology of the word Prophecy in Hebrew and Greek. She also enumerated the works of the prophets and discussed the purpose of Biblical Prophecy. After the introduction, the attendees were divided into three classes: Adult’s class which is composed of married men and women who are above 18 years old; The Young People’s  class which is composed  college students, professionals and married men and women who are below 18 years old; and The Highschoolers which is composed of high schools students and younger. Each class had two teachers which discussed Isaiah 53 and Psalms 22. After the lessons, a humble dinner was served and we were all gathered again in the auditorium for the concluding lesson. Atty. Jose  was also the one who gave the conclusion for last night’s lessons. A bible quiz immediately followed after the conclusion. This part added some excitement and interests to the attendees. The highest scorer was declared qualified for the final round on Friday. The prize will be an old and new testament Bible. One of our mission pastors, Pastor Jonard Libradilla delivered the message after the bible quiz.

I handled the first lesson in the Highschooler class, Isaiah 53. I been studying this chapter since last week. Personally, I’ve learned so many facts about the fulfillment of this verse in the New Testament and it encouraged my soul. The chapter is about the prophesy of the birth, life and death of our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ. All His agonies, sorrows, humiliations was prophesied by prophet Isaiah hundred years ago before His birth. And though, He has all the power to take away all the pain and summoned the angels to defend Him, He never did that. He himself put His will to the will of the Father.

Hubby was also one of the teachers. So Ezka was left in the care of some members. My daughter seemed enjoyed our absence. She was so busy with her own stuff. She learned to draw mountains and rivers (though for non-mommies’ eye, they were too abstract to be identified as mountains and rivers, LOL)

Tonight will be the second night. The topic will be about the prophesies which are confirmed by history. I am excited to learn new things and I can’t wait to attend the second night.

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