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Defeat and Victory

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The Defeat

Last night was the first night of our church’s Mission Conference and it was also yesterday that my daughter started to cough.  Although she was already coughing yesterday,  we were still able to attend the first night. She only started whizzing after the service and as usual we didn’t had a decent sleep last night.  I was still confident last night that I would still attend the Leadership Training today. I would just leave my daughter to our helper and just go home during breaks to check on her. But my plan changed this morning when my daughter didn’t want to be left. She was already irritable and she do not want to come to anyone except me.  My desire to attend the training  and my desire to stay beside my daughter  was battling. Aside from that I am not also confident that our helper will be able to take care of my daughter during the times that my husband and I were away. So my maternal side won :(. I  let my husband to attend the training by himself.  He is more needed in the training because he was assigned to facilitate the ice breaker.  Even when my husband left the house, I was still thinking to follow him. I really wanted to attend the training that I already files a leave for this day.  I already anticipated so much spiritual blessings and learnings from the training so I was really disappointed.   I considered myself defeated. I forgot that God is more able to take care of my daughter than me. I hindered God miraculous way to work on my daughter’s condition. I missed the blessings which  God had prepared for me when I triumphantly overcome my doubts. I feel so sad especially when my husband and some of those who were able to attend testified that the event was really a good venue to learn biblical ways to keep our family from the wiles of the devil.

The Victory

The whole day, I was just beside my daughter. I also given her paracetamol because of her fever aside from her usual cough syrup. I gave her five rounds of nebulization and will still need to give her one before I call it a day to help her breath normally. She vomited twice. When my husband went home, she was still whizzing.  My husband and I were planning the setup for the today’s mission nights  because of my daughter’s condition. He was insinuating that we couldn’t bring our daughter because of her condition and he was thinking that my daughter would just cry during the service and that she might vomit anytime.  But I was more firm by that time.  I wouldn’t missed tonight’s mission conference. I’ve been uttering short prayers the whole day that my daughter’s condition will at least get better.  I told my husband that we would bring my daughter.  At 4:30, I already started preparing. I made sure that enough lampin and extra set of clothes are in her bag. I also asked our helper to bring a plastic bag in case my daughter vomit. I administered  the last dosage for the day  of her cough medicine and a paracetamol.

Even before the first speaker started the first message, my daughter vomited. But since I am prepared that this might happen, I  was whispering to my daughter that everything is okay. I asked our helper to bring my daughter’s bag with me downstairs so I could change my daughter’s clothes. While cleaning up my daughter, I asked our helper to find for any rag and clean the remnants of the vomit  upstairs so the odor would not scatter inside the air-conditioned auditorium.  When we returned to our place, I poured some alcohol on the floor to totally erase the bad smell of the vomit.  After a while, my daughter already fell asleep.  When she woke up after the first speaker, she was a bit more okay. She no longer vomit though her cough is still hard.

I was truly blessed by the messages I heard tonight. And I am happy that I overcome my doubts.  It is just a matter of prayer, preparedness and determination. If I surrender to my daughter’s conditions, I won’t receive any spiritual blessings today. I am thankful that my God never fails to remind me of His power and grace.

I have no time recheck this writeup, I might be missing some words or committing obvious grammatical error. I plead for your understanding. I am already sleepy and still have more tasks to finish. I am just too excited write down today’s experiences for I may not have the time tomorrow.

Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Defeat and Victory

  1. Hi Mylene. How’s Ska? Alam mo ilang years din akong ganyan ang experience sa mga anak ko when they were younger. Kapag umaalis kami at may ubo at sipon sila hindi nawawala ang mga towel at plastic bag just in case nga na magvomit sila. Walang pinipiling lugar kapag nagvomit sila minsan sa loob pa ng taxi or fx. At ang medication nila parang may mini clinic kami sa bahay kanya-kanyang label ng gamot at sked ng paginom. Ska will get over it in time. sa ngayon retire na nebulizer namin pero stand by pa rin kapag may inuubo sa kanila at irecommend ulit ng pedia.

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